Whitney Houston Set For Clive Davis Party

. I feel good material we have and what being. The singer is scheduled to make an appearance to play record mogul Clive Davis annual pre-Grammy bash next month, which probably tunes showcase still waiting for the series, which is now scheduled for release in March. Davis, who has shepherded Houston career from his multi-platinum debut in 1985, told the New York Post, We ve always said that they were looking towards the end of the first quarter of the year (2009). Diva Whitney Houston long-awaited return CD did not surface in 2008, but things are good for 2009 to research.

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Salma Hayek Says Valentina Is A Force Of Nbsp Nature

During a Tuesday night appearance on Late Show with David Letterman, Salma Hayek painted a vivid picture of life with the force of nature, his daughter, Valentina Paloma Pinault, 15 months. The 42-year-old actress Valentina has revealed that he likes everything clean and she isn t shy to make known his will!.

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Blur Quot Graham Coxon Quot Pete Doherty Is A Scumbag Magnet Quot

He also talked Doherty personal life, calling him a magnet scumbag. . Blur Graham Coxon, who plays guitar on Pete Doherty next solo album, talked about why he chose to connect with the Babyshamble man and how he has frustrated with him. The guitarist said that the promise that he had heard a demo for the first album convinced him to sign.

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Palin Halloween Effigy On Ebay Noose Included

The effigy, which hung from a ceiling WeHo before Halloween, the governor of Alaska Sarah Palin, could have been taken down, but not forgotten.

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What Joyce Can Learn From Schwarzenegger

Kindly. After all, California Republican governor Arnold Schwarzenegger apologized for calling Democrats girlie men, having understood the situation high-profile gay community has taken a dim view of this observation. He should apologize. No way, and gave a nice Queensland size and politically active community Jewish, the senator should have known better than to compare the horrors of racial bigotry skepticism on climate change. It has no t use the term eco-Nazi , although he did go, and this is just my opinion - a bad mistake, and suggested the emotional charge of being dubbed a climate change denier was comparable to being called Holocaust denier. It was also smart enough to thank the public for teaching him a humiliating lesson on the kind of political language have found acceptable.

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